New Policy!!

Effective Immediately:

Wednesday 6:30am Reformer classes will require a minimum of three people signed in twelve hours before class starts or that class will be cancelled. 

*Sage Pilates reserves the right to cancel classes with less than two students in the class.

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New Class! 

Essential Reformer 

Monday at 10:00am 

starting  Jan. 28th

Saturday at 9:00am

Starting  Jan.12 

Unlimited Packages 

3 Month Contract for $200.00 a month 

6 Month Contract for $180.00 a month 

Studio Policies

 For safety and hygiene, all students are required to wear grip socks while in the studio. Thank you for your consideration!

A friendly reminder that all class packages are non refundable. Expiration and duration of each package is determined by the type of package or special purchased.

We all lead very busy lives and we know that schedules change quickly. If you are registered for a class and you are not able to make it, it's OK! All you have to do is cancel 12 hours before class and you’re all set! This opens up your spot for other members who may be on the waiting list for class. By not canceling yourself out of class, your reformer sits empty, but the class looks full when other people want to register. We thank you and your fellow Pilates participants thank you for being mindful of each other. Thank you for understanding!

Sage Pilates reserves the right to cancel classes with less than 2 students signed up. You will be notified by text or email of any class cancellations.

Upon entering the studio, please remember to silence your cell phones out of respect for your fellow students.

Thank you.

New Class/ 

Instructor Changes:

Saturday Classes with Summer!

10:00 am - Reformer with Props 

11:00 am- Barre/ Jump & Tone

Sunday Classes with Jessica!

10:00 am- Reformer with Props

11:00 am- Reformer Combo